Eastern orthodox

These ceremonies overflow with rituals - many of which are performed in threes to represent the Holy Trinity. Marriage is a sacrament, so weddings take place in a church and last about an hour. The bride and groom generally do not recite any vows. 


The ceremony begins with the exchange of rings, which go back and forth between the couple three times and are usually placed on the ring finger of the right hand. After the priest’s initial blessing, the couple’s hands remain joined for the rest of the ceremony. 

The highlight of the ceremony is the crowning, wherein the male sponsor, knows as the koumbaros, swaps the crowns (yes, three times) between the bride and groom. As soon as the priest removes the crowns, the couple is married. The bride and groom take sips of wine from a shared cup as a reminder that they will henceforth share everything, and the priest leads them in walking three times around the altar for their first steps together as a married couple.

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