Now that same-sex marriage is legal across the United States, these weddings don’t entail quite the same list of complications they did in the past. There are still some challenges with LGBT weddings. While gay weddings are legally recognized in the United States, clergy from more than a dozen religions are permitted to organize some sort of wedding, but not every clergy member will necessarily comply. So along with the task of finding LGBT friendly vendors, one of your first priorities will be finding the right space and officiant for the ceremony. 


Some gay couples choose to sidestep the issue by having a friend or family member get ordained online through organizations like the Universal Life Church Monastery or the American Marriage Ministries.


Who wears white in same-sex marriages? If both brides want to wear white lace, let them wear white lace! Who wears the engagement ring? The person who proposes is usually the one who purchases the ring, often to be surprised by a reciprocal gesture a few weeks later. 


A note on destination weddings outside the US: sadly, homosexuality is still considered a crime in many places in the world, so be sure to do your research when selecting a location for your destination wedding.

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