Today, digital technology and editing software have made it possible to get a video that elegantly captures your wedding, turning your story into a narrative that can make you laugh and cry at all the right places. The field of videographers is now staffed by creative and talented cinematographers , filmmakers who take an artistic approach to your wedding and will spare no effort in creating the effects they're looking for.They may use black and white for drama, intersperse it with color, and digitally alter sequences to give them the look of old home movies. And they may employ drones, steady-cam rings, and sliders to capture crowd and overhead shots while giving their productions a richly cinematic feel.

Questions to ask yourself when you've found a videographer you like:

  1. Are the images sharp? Are the colors crisp and clear?

  2. How is the sound quality? Can you hear the vows and the toasts? Or does the videographer try to cover up the lack of adequate sound by setting these parts to music?

  3. Study the lighting. Is it clear what's going on at all times? Can you see faces, or are they dark shadows against a bright background? Are the people bright but the background a sea of darkness? You don't have to be a lighting expert to know whether the lighting is pleasing to the eye or of poor quality.

  4. Are the effects tacky or the edit ungraceful?

Questions to ask your videographer:

  1. How do you handle sound? Will the groom have a lapel mic on? If the mic isn't within 3 feet, you will not get your vows recorded.

  2. Have you used drones before?

  3. In what format will my final video be? Will there be a way to share videos online? Will I receive a :60 video to share on Instagram? Will I receive an extended version (3-5 mins) to share on Facebook?

  4. How long have you been doing weddings, and how many have you done?

  5. Have you worked in my ceremony and reception locations before? If so, do you have suggestions for how to get the best results? If they haven't, will they visit the site in advance?

  6. Do you have an assistant?

  7. Do I get to choose the background music from an approved list you have?

  8. If it's a package, go over exactly what you get for the fee. How many hours of filming, if there will be an assistant, in what format you'll receive the video, and the video's finished length.

  9. How long does it take for you to edit and deliver the video(s)?

  10. How much of a deposit is required to hold the date? When is the balance due? What is the cancellation policy?

Make sure these items are addressed in your Videographer contract:

  • Your name, number and email address

  • The date of the wedding

  • The venue name and full address

  • The arrival time

  • The number of hours included in the fee

  • The deposit amount and the date the balance is due; the cancellation policy; the rate for overtime
  • The assistant(s), if there is one, and the hours they will work
  • The fee, and a detailed list of everything it includes (be sure travel is included if they live really far from the venue)
  • The number of hours of raw footage he'll shoot and the length of the edited video
  • What they will wear to the wedding
  • The backup plan in case the named videographer falls ill and can't make the wedding

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